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Australian Sports Father of The Year 2023

Paul Wilton

Paul: A Coach, Mentor, and Father of 9 with a Heart of Gold

Meet Paul, a remarkable individual whose journey has been marked by his unwavering dedication to shaping the lives of young men through football coaching. Despite a difficult childhood, Paul found his purpose early on and has since become a beacon of inspiration and transformation for countless individuals. Paul is Australian Sports Father of the Year 2023.

At the age of 14-15, Paul embarked on a football coaching journey, channelling his energy into nurturing young talent and developing them not only as high-level athletes but as strong individuals. His commitment to his craft led him to acquire education, qualifications, and an insurmountable level of experience, making him one of Australia’s highest-level football coaches.

Paul’s devotion is unparalleled – he dedicates nearly seven days a week to coaching, pouring his heart and soul into mentoring young men. For 28 consecutive years, he has coached, treating every player as if they were his own son. Beyond the field, Paul’s impact extends even further. Almost 5 years ago, he embraced a broken woman and her children, becoming a father of 9 and bringing love, stability, and care into their lives.

Despite juggling four jobs to provide for his extended family, Paul remains humble, modest, and ever-passionate. His coaching prowess is widely recognized across Queensland, a testament to his nurturing, kind, loyal, and caring nature.

In a conversation with Paul, we gain insight into his motivating philosophy. He believes in the transformative power of sports, not just for athletic development but as a tool to equip children with life skills. Paul’s daily challenge lies in breaking down obstacles into manageable steps and guiding children to find solutions. He recently empowered his daughter to overcome her fears and shine during a sports trial, illustrating his commitment to their growth.

Paul’s wisdom is encapsulated in a simple yet profound tip for fathers: strive every day to be the best dad you can be. His journey exemplifies the incredible impact of nurturing, passion, and care, demonstrating that a single individual can touch countless lives and shape the future of the next generation.

A heartfelt message from Paul

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