Nominations are are now open for 2023.

Every father makes a difference on their child’s life that why The Fathering Project supports fathers to be the best they can be and support their children to have bright, happy and healthy futures.

Fathers have equal opportunity to empower and have a positive impact on the lives of their
children. At The Fathering Project we support fathers and father figures to be the best role models for their children and provide them with happier, healthier, brighter futures.

And it’s essential for us to recognise and celebrate fathers, father figures and organisations that actively work towards creating a positive intergenerational impact.

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Award FAQs

No, there are no physical or monetary prizes.

Australian Father of the Year and Community Father of the Year award recipients have their name inscribed on a commemorative plate as well as receiving public acknowledgement and a framed certificate recognising their achievement. The Australian Sports Dad and Best Workplace for Fathers Award winners receive public acknowledgement and a framed certificate, as well as the opportunity to use the recognition in related business or sports club communications. All Award winners outside of Sydney will receive free travel to Sydney for the Awards event on 1st September 2023.

All Award winners will receive free accommodation in Sydney for the Awards event on 1st September 2023.

Father figures are male role models who go above and beyond to improve the lives of the children around them. Whilst a genetic connection to the children isn’t necessary, these men may be a grandfather, uncle, stepfather, foster carer, family friend, religious guide or Elder. 

The national Mother of the Year awards is dedicated to Mothers, managed by FamilyVoice Australia. 

The Best Workplace for Fathers Award is ONLY for businesses and organisations, who go above and beyond to ensure father inclusion and equality. Nominations should only be made on behalf of the organisation, rather than an individual (although we recognise that small businesses, may not have more than one staff member). You are welcome to highlight the names of specific staff members within your nomination if relevant. 

Following tradition, The Australian Father of the Year Award has been selected and awarded by the Australian Father’s Day Council since 1957. 

If you have a question about the Awards or the nomination process that hasn’t been answered here, please direct it to 

Not for 2022. 2022 is the first year that The Fathering Project is coordinating The Australian Fathering Awards and we are hoping to expand our categories year on year to include – arts, culture, social justice, and more. Please send your suggestions for future categories to 

Nomination process FAQs

Your contact details, the contact details of a referee, and a photo or image if available AND why you think they deserve to win the award.

Yes. You do not need their formal approval in the first stage, but we do recommend that you ascertain their willingness to take part in some way before lodging the nomination.

Yes. All data collected is maintained on secure servers and will not be used for any other reasons other than those outlined in the Award Terms and Conditions.

Individuals, teams or clubs can lodge a nomination for the Sports Dad of the year award. Please highlight this in your nomination and ensure you include the contact details of one individual who is willing to represent the team or club if required. 

You will receive a confirmation email, following your nomination lodgement. After which, you will receive regular email updates throughout the process. If you do not, please contact us on

Yes, all nominations must be made online as we are not able to accept hard copy nominations. 

No. The number of times a person is nominated has no bearing on the outcomes of these Awards. 

If you have a question about the Awards or the nomination process that hasn’t been answered here, please direct it to 

About The Fathering Project

The Fathering Project is a national charity that transforms children’s lives by educating, supporting and empowering Dads. Research shows children with an effective father or father figure have significantly better social, mental, physical and academic outcomes. 

The current crisis of absent, disengaged and ill-equipped fathers, alongside rapid socio-economic change to traditional family and gender-roles, is negatively impacting children and contributing to generational disadvantage.

We deliver evidence-based interventions, education and wrap-around support services that engage fathers and improve caregiving. By doing this we will disrupt unhealthy models of parenting, reduce rates of mental illness, domestic violence and child neglect, and break cycles of disadvantage.

The end result is healthier, happier and more resilient children and communities.