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Engaging fathers and children through The Australian Fathering Awards and the Fathering Project is a socially responsible commercial necessity.

There are 4.7m fathers in Australia, almost half the country with families spending up to $1bn on Father’s day gifts – that is massive purchasing power which should be used to change children’s lives. 

Partnering with us for The Australian Fathering Awards changes children’s lives.

Generating much needed awareness and action on the impact of positive fathering on the lives of children, families and communities.  

A dad’s guidance can be life-changing and foundational.

Partner with us: sponsorship opportunities

Sponsor school programs to change children's lives

Naming right opportunities and partnership activation plan

Significant and ongoing national media exposure

Strategic plan to amplify your sustainable development goals

Research shows that supporting fathers to be more effective caregivers can alleviate the negative impacts of disadvantage and break generational cycles, resulting in happier, healthier and more resilient communities.

Furthermore, children with actively involved fathers are more likely to achieve ‘A’ grades and less likely to repeat a school year than those with disengaged fathers.

Your support as a sponsor changes the future for our children and what it means for the stakeholders, employees and communities linked to your organisation. 

We know that 2023 will only be bigger and better and we can’t wait to discover fathers/father figures and role models that inspire every parent to go above and beyond in Changing Children’s lives. 

With YOUR support in sponsorship, we can continue to establish a positive intergenerational impact for all Australian children. 

Partner with us to improve the lives of children, and strengthen communities. In addition it will help meet your sustainable development goals.

Build Resilient, Sustainable Futures and Communities

Focus on creating a better brighter future for our children

Prioritise educating the next generation

Celebrating diversity, inclusion and equity by architecting social change

Play an active role in changing children's lives.

750,000+ Children's Lives Changed
450,000+ Fathers Supported
1000+ Partner Organisations
2 million+ Monthly Reach


Donate to The Fathering Project and become a catalyst for change

Supporting fathers and father figures to be the best they can be means children with happier, healthier futures. With your generous support, The Fathering Project will continue to help improve the lives of children today and for generations to come.

Your donation provides fathers and father figures, the tools to engage with their children and to help them thrive.

All donations above $2 are tax-deductible.

A better tomorrow for your children starts with you

Have fun and change the future for all children.

Research shows that supporting fathers to be more effective caregivers can break cycles of disadvantage resulting in happier, healthier families and more resilient communities.

Give all children and families the launch pad for a brighter future when you host a Paper Planes Event.

An all-inclusive, weather friendly, easy to host event that strengthens the bond between children and fathers/father figures to serve a greater good.

An easy way to support disadvantaged Australian children. 

The Fathering Project

Our mission is to educate, connect and empower fathers and father figures across Australia to prevent long term social, emotional and cognitive difficulties and create the conditions for children to thrive.

We do this through:

Read more about how we implement our mission and the impact it has at The Fathering Project.

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