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Australia's Best Workplace for Fathers 2023

Hollard Insurance

hollard insurance australias best workplace for fathers 2023
hollard insurance australias best workplace for fathers 2023

We all strive for that perfect work-life balance especially as parents. We’re in a constant juggle to deliver at work and be there for our children, sometimes during ‘work hours’.

While most organisations now have comparable parental policies, they rarely consider life beyond the first two years as a parent. Championing long term equal parenting through culture and policies is a dream most organisations strive to achieve.

Embracing Equal Parenting: Hollard Insurance – Australia’s Best Workplace for Fathers

In a rapidly evolving world, the definition of a successful workplace extends beyond traditional measures. Today, the focus extends to creating an environment that values and supports employees in all aspects of their lives. Hollard Insurance has emerged as a beacon of progress in this regard, earning the esteemed title of Australia’s Best Workplace for Fathers.

With a resolute commitment to equal parenting opportunities, Hollard is redefining workplace dynamics and championing a culture that empowers fathers to actively participate in their children’s lives while advancing their careers.

CEO Paul Fahey would know all too well, as equal carer for his two school going children. He says, “most days if possible I do the school drop offs and pick-ups”. He prides himself in having the choice to be present for his children and wants everyone in the organisation to have the choice to be the most effective father they can be.

A Paradigm Shift in Work-Life Balance

We live in an era where work and personal life belong to the same realm. Hollard recognises that employees are multidimensional individuals with responsibilities that extend beyond work.
A realisation that has led to a transformative shift in how the company approaches work-life balance. Through a hybrid flexible working model, Hollard empowers its team members to exercise flexibility in their work arrangements. Whether it’s working from home or the office, this approach acknowledges and accommodates the diverse needs of each employee.

At the heart of this model lies a fundamental principle – the belief that both parents deserve the same opportunities to actively participate in their children’s lives. By providing flexible working options, Hollard enables fathers to be present for important milestones, school events, and everyday moments, without compromising on their professional growth.

Equal Parental Leave: A Progressive Step Forward

One of the cornerstones of Hollard’s commitment to equal parenting opportunities is its pioneering parental leave policy. Regardless of carer status, all parents are encouraged to utilise their 18 weeks of paid parental leave. This forward-thinking approach not only acknowledges the crucial role fathers play in child-rearing but also dismantles traditional stereotypes that have long hindered men from fully embracing their responsibilities at home.

Furthermore, this parental leave can be utilised flexibly over 36 months empowering fathers to actively engage in the early years of their children’s lives, fostering a deeper bond and enriching family experiences.

Promoting Inclusion and Diversity

Hollard’s commitment to equal parenting opportunities extends beyond policies to a holistic strategy rooted in inclusion and diversity. The company recognises that every family is unique, and caregiving responsibilities transcend traditional norms. Andrew McKay, Head of Internal Audit recognises that this is a societal issue, “organisations have an opportunity to shift in the role that fathers play in the raising of their children” he said. Hollard’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy encompasses a dedicated family and caring focus, providing a supportive framework for all employees.

By creating an environment where employees feel valued for their contributions both at and away from work, Hollard empowers fathers to embrace their role as caregivers without fear of stigmatisation or judgment.

Celebrating a Remarkable Impact

Hollard’s dedication to fostering equal parenting opportunities has yielded profound results. The number of men availing parental leave at Hollard increased by an impressive 46%within a year, a testament to the success of their initiatives. Through equal parenting opportunities, they are not only enriching the lives of fathers but also setting a powerful example for workplaces across Australia.

CEO Paul Fahey was immensely proud to receive the award this year, “it’s gratifying to be recognised that the changes we’re seeking to make are being recognised externally as Hollard taking a positive step from a fathering point of view” he said.

As we celebrate Hollard’s well-deserved recognition as Australia’s Best Workplace for Fathers, we applaud the organisations commitment to embracing equal parenting and nurturing an inclusive culture. Creating a workplace where all employees thrive and families flourish. It’s a remarkable journey towards reimagining work-life balance and reshaping the landscape of fatherhood in the modern era.

A heartfelt message from Paul Fahey, CEO Hollard Insurance

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