australian father of the year

The Australian Fathering Awards 2023 Recipients


Hamish Blake

2023 Australian Father of The Year

australian community father of the year

Dodzi Kpodo

2023 Community Father of The Year


Paul Wilton

2023 Sports Father of The Year 

hollard insurance australias best workplace for fathers 2023

Hollard Insurance

2023 Australia’s Best Workplace for Father’s

Looking ahead at 2024

We are thrilled with the success of the Awards event in September 2023. The award recipients demonstrate the clear impact and value of fathers and father friendly workplaces on children, families and communities.  

The Awards received wide media coverage that for the most part focused on and promoted the significance of engaged fathers and father figures, and the positive impact this has on the future of our children. 

We know that 2024 will only be bigger and better, and we can’t wait to uncover everyday men and workplaces doing extraordinary things for families, communities and most importantly – our children. 

With YOUR support and sponsorship, we can create a positive intergenerational impact for all Australian children. 

750,000+ Children's Lives Changed
450,000+ Fathers Supported
1000+ Partner Organisations
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A better tomorrow for your children starts with you.

Research shows that supporting fathers do not only become more effective caregivers, but also alleviate the negative impacts of disadvantage and break generational cycles, resulting in happier, healthier and more resilient communities.

Join The Fathering Project by hosting a Paper Planes Fundraiser to spotlight the crucial role of fathers and father-figures in creating a brighter future for all children and families.

An all-inclusive, weather friendly, easy to host event that strengthens the bond between children and fathers/father figures to serve a greater good.

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Previous recipients of Australian Father of the Year

Brendan Murphy

Paul Roos

Shane Fitzsimmons

Dr Mark Cross

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM

Dr Jamal Rifi AM

Dick Smith AO

Fathering Today

What Fathering Means To Me

I feel incredibly privileged to be the adopted dad to 5 beautiful kids aged 8 to 21.  Parenting is simultaneously the single greatest challenge and the single greatest joy in my life.  It’s a constant conundrum trying to balance the desire to be ‘fun dad’ and also serve their long-term needs, which sometimes means doing ‘un-fun’ stuff.  Balancing the need to be present and available at work and also present and available as a dad, is tricky too.  And then there’s the reflection part: ‘I should have handled that better’ or ‘I wish I had done X not Y’.  But I’ve grown to accept that success isn’t about being the ‘perfect’ dad.  It about being the ‘have a go’ dad, the ‘show-up’ dad, the ’shut-up and listen’ dad.  I don’t have words to describe the sense of pride and love I have for my kids. I just know that being their dad is the most precious thing in my life, and the most meaningful thing I will ever do.  

Michael, NSW – Proud Dad of 5

"Our mission is to educate, connect and empower fathers and father figures across Australia to prevent long term social, emotional and cognitive difficulties and create the conditions for children to thrive."

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