Australia's Best Workplace for Fathers

KPMG Australia

We spend a sizeable part of our lives working and it is praiseworthy when workplaces support parents through policies and a cultural shift that allows them to establish life-long connections with their children from birth.

Giving ALL fathers the space to nurture relationships with their children and partners while also allowing partners and mothers to return to work is every new family’s dream scenario in Australia. 

And KPMG Australia delivers on that dream for every parent welcoming a child to their family, making them extremely worthy recipients of the Australia’s Best Workplace for Fathers Award.

Active Fathering starts with equal parenting opportunities at workplaces.

KPMG Australia’s hybrid flexible working model allows all employees to work where it makes sense for them on that day, whether that is at home, the office or on client sites. This approach helps form a bridge between work and family life for employees. 

They have a market leading parental leave policy, offering 26 weeks paid parental leave  for all parents which can be used flexibly within 24 months from birth or the time a child joins their family. 

KPMG Australia’s Inclusion, Diversity and Equity strategy includes a Family and Caring focus, as the firm recognises the importance of family and acknowledges the various caring responsibilities their employees may have.

KPMG Australia became a certified Family Friendly Workplace in June 2021, which means that family policies are benchmarked against the new national work and family standards.

Commenting on the award win, KPMG Australia CEO Andrew Yates said: “I am very proud our firm has been recognised as Australia’s Best Workplace for Fathers. As a father of two children myself, I know that having the time and opportunity to care for our families, friends and communities is a constant challenge. So we’re encouraging men at all levels of our firm to take parental leave or work in a way that best suits their family needs. Our market-leading parental leave program is already making a difference in a short space of time, with the number of men taking parental leave at KPMG increasing by 20% in a year – from 208 in 2021 to 249 men utilising the policy last year. Our commitment to being a family-friendly workplace is really important for building an inclusive culture and being an employer of choice.”

KPMG Australia has set the standard for every workplace across the country.

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