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Australian Sports Father of The Year 2022

Isaac Thomas

Australian Sports Father of the year, Isaac Thomas

Isaac Thomas, father of five beautiful young women and an inspiring teacher that changed a school’s culture forever.

For the last 10 years Isaac has changed the culture of a public high school. A school that previously faced challenges, he transformed it into one that inspires others for its community spirit, ability to help children in difficult situations, and is now a school that has considerable pride.

Thanks to his initiative of a “Tryathon” Isaac has championed cohorts of young adults to practice gratitude and selflessness whilst helping to raise funds for kids less fortunate. In its 10th year, the event now embraces over half the school and staff and is the “event of the year”.

His daughers take the day off to join the Tryathon every year. From instilling the importance of the run, it’s become an event the family participates in and looks
forward to.

For Isaac, its an opportunity to lead by example for his own daughters and for them to understand the importance of helping disadvantaged children.

When asking Isaac’s colleagues to describe him, they said he’s more than a teacher, he is a life coach – he inspires his students to think and care about others and how to be of service to a community. He continually reinforces the concept that the world is a big place and times are tough for many, but you can always make a difference by giving whatever you have when you can.

A humble man, Isaac takes no credit for the incredible movement and culture he has built across the school and out into the community through local businesses who have got on board to help grow the impact of the Tryathon. His fellow teachers refer to him as a one-man-band – he plans, promotes and approaches businesses for sponsorship, all in his own time. His drive and burning desire to help instill gratefulness and give students an experience they will never forget fuels him year on year.

Isaac’s colleague Michelle says “that the students are the absolute winners of Isaac’s efforts. The pride they show when they can contribute to help making a difference radiates from them.” 

“You can do it – just try”, is something Isaac truly believes in, for himself, his family and all the children under his wing.
Isaac also champions a Rugby League Program that is life altering for the majority of kids that attend. He uses the program and space to teach kids life skills covering essential areas like affects of bullying and how to control sensitive situations, supporting your peers, leadership skills and creating accountability for your actions.

He recalls a young teen from a broken family who was suspended regularly and was caught smoking on more than one occasion, who he nurtured through the program. This teen is now enrolled in an apprenticeship and well on his way to leaving his past in the past. He is one of the many kids, who choose to stay in touch with Isaac, long after they leave school and count on him for guidance as they navigate their way through life. Isaac goes above and beyond his call of duty, at home, at work and in life.

“Life is hard, but you have the ability to overcome hurdles and keep moving forward”, says Isaac.
In his spare time, Isaac plays and has previously coached the South Perth Lions. He also coaches and positions the South African International Rugby team. Both of these volunteer roles ensure he is able to connect with and motivate more fathers and their children. He is passionate about Rugby and believes there is a huge appetite for it across Perth.

Isaac has left lasting positive impressions on his students. Some are now his team mates on the Rugby field but still refer to him as Sir as a sign of their deepest respect. His colleagues echo this sentiment – saying that ‘Mr Thomas will be that teacher that students remember throughout their entire lives.’

What Isaac has created and put into action is magical. 

A heartfelt message from Isaac

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Australian Sports Father of the year, Isaac Thomas

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